Life as a Telecommunications Student

I always get a rush when people ask what school I go to, and I get to say “The University of Florida!” The prestige that comes with being a Florida Gator is unrivaled. The only thing that makes me happier is getting to say that I attend UF’s College of Journalism and Communications as a Telecommunications – News Student.

UF’s Center for Media Innovation and Research (CMIR) is a facility unlike any other schools’. The CMIR and the Innovation News Center have allowed me to completely immerse myself in the world of Telecommunications. Throughout my three and a half years at the University of Florida, I have worked in several platforms of media. I began as a reporter for WUFT-FM, where I wrote radio stories, conducted interviewed, and performed live newscasts. I then began working as a reporter for WUFT TV, where I would create news packages for broadcast, and learn how to use the cameras. I was also an News Anchor for the WRUF News Cut-Ins, a two-minute newscast that played once every hour throughout the day.

cut in

Now, I am a main news anchor for WUFT’s First at Five live newscast. I have had the time of my life reading the news every Monday at 5 o’clock, and I can honestly say that it gives me one of the biggest adrenaline rushes I’ve ever experienced.


One of my favorite parts about anchoring for WUFT TV’s First at Five is that I get to do it alongside one of my best friends, Angelina Perez. Angelina is the Entertainment Anchor, and writes and edits her own segment of the show. I could not be more proud of Angelina and all of her accomplishments.


All of the amazing work that I have been able to be a part of would not have been possible had it not been for UF’s Center for Media Innovation and Research. Not only has the CMIR provided a place for all Journalism and Communications majors to better themselves, but also it has provided a place all under one roof. The integration that is seen at UF’s Innovation News Center is extremely unique, and I feel so blessed to be able to have a part of it.


The Tipping Point

I had never really thought much into fads prior to reading “The Tipping Point.”  To me, they were just a clothing trend that came and went (like those hideous bell bottom jeans I used to wear), or a ridiculous diet that turned out to be a complete failure. However, Malcolm Gladwell, the author, put it perfectly when he described fads as “the tipping point” – the point in time when something crosses over from a simple idea to a phenomenon. Gladwell compares the tipping point to the moment when one person with the flu turns into a flu epidemic.


Something I had never thought of with the tipping point of a fad or idea is that the “work” is done by an incredibly small amount of people, as Gladwell pointed out. For example, a clothing trend is typically started by a celebrity or group of celebrities. Celebrities make up an extremely small portion of the population. This demonstrates Gladwell’s first principle – The Law of the Few. The celebrities are the group of people that formulate the idea and cause it to spread. Connectors facilitate the spread of such ideas; the mavens are the people that new accepters of an idea turn to for advice on the idea, and then the salesmen, which are pretty self-explanatory. In my example with celebrities starting clothing trends, this law is demonstrated perfectly. As I said before, the celebrities are the people who create the trend. The people that know the celebrities that started the trend best are the connectors, as they facilitate the spread by giving into the trend, too. The first “regular people” to buy into the clothing trend would be the mavens, because they could give advice to others in the population about the trend and convince them to get onboard. Finally the salesmen – the clothing stores that heavily advertise the trend. I had never thought of fads so scientifically before, but after reading about The Law of the Few, I realized that there truly is a science behind fads.

Gladwell outlined a second law of fads that I also completely agree with – the Stickiness Factor. Only certain fads stick; thus, the stickiness factor. A fad has to have this factor in order to catch on and stick around. Of course, I’m going to use another clothing reference to illustrate an example. Cross-body purses have been around FOREVER. When other fads have come and gone, or come back again (hello, fanny packs!), cross-body purses have endured. Clearly, this style of bag has the stickiness factor, as it has been able to stick around throughout the decades. It really is true, what Gladwell says – if a fad doesn’t have the Stickiness Factor, it’s not going to be around long.

These sections of Gladwell’s book, “The Tipping Point,” I absolutely agreed with. I had never thought of trends and fads in a scientific way. I merely thought of them as a change in cultural norms. However, Gladwell delved deeply into the psychology of fads. While I do agree with a lot of his book, some of it was a bit confusing for me. Some of his points weren’t quite clear, and I wished he would have further explained or provided details for them. However, I did find that “The Tipping Point” was a very interesting book that explained what most people in society never thought needed an explanation. It truly was intriguing to read about someone thinking of fads in this way. Like the book “Don’t Make Me Think,” which we read for this class, I would recommend “The Tipping Point” to a fellow students, too.

For the Love of Food

As my blog explicitly states – I am a foodie. I love going to new restaurants in Gainesville, cooking new recipes, and trying new things. Recently, I tried out Amelias – a little italian place Downtown. I must say, it was some of the most amazing Italian food I’ve ever had. We ordered the calimari appetizer, and for dinner, I had chicken marsala.


It was delicious. I would definitely recommend this place to my fellow foodies Shane ChernoffNick Swain, and Talia Medina.

The J-School

I am so blessed to attend the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications. Our college is filled with the most upstanding staff members, impeccable professors, and motivated students. The Innovation News Center provides us with a professional atmosphere in which we can learn the logistics of news reporting. I spend a great deal of time at the station I’m so lucky to be surrounded by so many students who want the same future as me.

Jillian DeMontluzin is a senior at the University of Florida. She is a Telecommunications-News major, too. Jillian plans to earn a Masters in Management after graduation.

Lauren Rautenkranz is also a senior here at UF. She and I spent a lot of time together last spring – we did WRUF cut-ins together. It was an awesome experience and I know she has an extremely bright future!

Jason Spain is graduating in December. He is a Telecommunications major, and hopes to one day work in the field of sports reporting.

Lisa Greenberg: A Closer Look


Lisa Greenberg is an aspiring reporter. A senior at the University of Florida, Lisa Greenberg hopes to one day be a reporter, and eventually an anchor, for a major news station in Florida or California.

Lisa has been honing her reporting skills for the last three years with WUFT. First, as a radio reporter at WUFT-FM, Lisa interviewed several prominent figures in the Gainesville community, wrote her own news reports, and even anchored live shows.

Two years ago, Lisa began TV reporting for WUFT-TV. She learned how to properly use a camera, how to use video-editing software such as Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro, and has crafted her own on-camera persona. Lisa continues to report for WUFT-TV, and started live anchoring this semester for WUFT-TV First at Five, a half hour news broadcast show.

This past summer, Lisa interned with FOX 13 in Tampa Bay. During her time with FOX 13, Lisa was able to shadow well-respected, professional reporters, anchors, and producers. She completed several of her own news packages and stand-ups, and helped cover stories ranging from an apartment complex fire to Florida lawmakers’ stance on the “Stand Your Ground” law. Lisa was able to obtain an even deeper understanding of the ethics behind reporting, the importance of a live shot, and the day-to-day life of a news reporter through her time at FOX 13.

As you can see, Lisa Greenberg has had a great deal of experience in reporting during her time at the University of Florida. During her final semester, she hopes to receive another internship, before earning a Master’s Degree. Lisa’s desire to become a reporter continues to grow each day, and she cannot wait to see what her future holds.

Lisa has always been interested in entertainment news. It has always been a guilty pleasure of hers to sit down with the latest copy of People Magazine and catch up on what’s going on in Hollywood. Her blog, “Snack&Style,” is a place where she can funnel her interest in celebrity fashion and gossip.

Kim Kardashian’s Engagement Ring

First Kelly Clarkson gets married, then Kim Kardashian gets engaged… it’s been a romantic past couple days!


Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring. If you haven’t seen it, you’ve probably been living under a rock. Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring from Kanye West is 15 carats. As you can see by the picture above, it really is quite the rock!

Kanye west proposed to Kim Kardashian on AT&T Park in San Francisco, with an orchestra and all her closest friends and family present. And rumor has it Kimye plans to have a wedding just as big as the proposal… and the ring.

Naturally, when I saw Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring, I was both shocked and somewhat disgusted. I thought the ring looked gaudy, and was too big. But then I thought, if I was a celebrity with that kind of money, I would probably want a rock like that, too!

Kelly Clarkson’s Wedding Dress

On Sunday, October 20th, the original American Idol, Kelly Clarkson, got hitched. She and talent manager Brandon Blackstock tied the knot in a beautiful country wedding on a farm in Walland, Tennessee.

Of course the wedding looks absolutely beautiful… but what I’m hung up on is Kelly Clarkson’s AMAZING wedding dress. The gorgeous gown, by Temperley Bridal, looks ethereal. I’ve always seen myself in a more fitted gown, but after seeing Kelly Clarkson’s wedding look, I can’t help but dream about a goddess-like gown just like hers.


Her headband completes her look perfectly. I love how her loose updo complements the dress so well. Sunflowers are my favorite flower, so of course I’m glad to see those in her bouquet.  I can only imagine that E!’s Fashion Police would only have good things to say about this superstar’s wedding day look. And hey, I guess her husband doesn’t look half bad either!

Chicken Charlotte and Forever 21 Rings: These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

If there’s anything I’m really missing from home, it’s the Chicken Charlotte sandwich from The Big Cheese. When I’m home to visit, it’s my go-to place for lunch. 


This sandwich is amazing. The recipe they use for their chicken is one of the best I’ve ever had. The chicken breast is breaded with garlic butter, smothered in hollandaise sauce, completed with a french baguette. If that doesn’t make your mouth water, I don’t know what would! Not only does The Big Cheese have the best Chicken sandwich, but also they have the most amazing pasta salad. The spices they use have so much flavor. This is definitely one of my favorite meals. The chicken and pasta salad are a perfect pair! I know that in on of my first posts I wrote about my favorite sushi place from home, but that’s my favorite dinner place, and The Big Cheese is my favorite lunch place. 


Since I feel like I haven’t posted about fashion for awhile, I decided to include one of my favorite outfits in this post. Last week, I went to Midtown with one of my best friends. I had just gotten a new shirt, and I really wanted to wear it, so I decided to break it out that night (I’m on the left). 


This shirt was from Forever 21. If you know me at all, you know that I’m obsessed with crop tops. It’s safe to say I have at least 20 of them in my closet. Forever 21 always has the cutest crop tops for the best price. The shorts I’m wearing in this picture are also from Forever 21. But my favorite part of that picture is my ring. I love the red stone in the gold setting. As if my Forever 21 jewelry collection wasn’t big enough, I had to add to it by getting that ring. I can honestly say that this outfit was probably no more than $40. Now that’s a bargain if I’ve ever seen one!


Dragonfly Sushi

Dragonfly is one of my favorite restaurants in Gainesville, so I knew when I had to post a video, I wanted to post one that had to do with Dragonfly. Sushi, as you know, is my favorite food… IN THE WORLD. I absolutely love sushi, so naturally, I love Dragonfly. This video perfectly describes Dragonfly in about a minute and a half. After watching this video, I’m sure you’ll be in the mood for some Dragonfly, too!

Fashion Police Hosts at the Emmy Awards

I posted this video to my blog because I absolutely adore what Giuliana Rancic wore to the Emmys. That shade of blue looks amazing against her skin, and I love the details on the dress. It is crazy to believe that Giuliana has never worn blue on the red carpet before! This dress proves that she definitely should rock blue again.

Kelly Osbourne also looks great. That red dress perfectly accentuates her curvy figure, and the color is very regal. It also looks cute with her purple hair!